Thursday, December 5, 2013

Product Review: Essence Lipstick

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I am a big fan of the Essence brand. Its affordable and the range is diverse and caters to all age groups, although some might believe its targets more of the youth. I happened to find this in Dischemm and I have not seen it in other drugstores/retailers. I decided to buy a few lipsticks so that I can do a review. I love rocking a bold bright lip, it definitely adds a pop to your outfit!

All the colours I chose are well pigmented and they do not dry out your lips. I also noticed that they remain on your lips for most of the day. If you are afraid to rock a bright lip then I would suggest you try out this range because they are extremely affordable and the quality is great.

Below I have listed the colours I bought in the order in which I did the swatches in my photo above.Have you tried this collection? What are your views?.

- #07 in the shade Natural Beauty

- #08 in the shade Colour Crush

- #09 in the shade Wear Berries

- #2 in the shade All you need is Red

- #10 in the shade Cotton Candy

Miss V

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  1. I have, I loved #4.
    loved how it makes my lips smooth and soft. and its affordable too.